SELO ry Association of Finnish Film Directors

The Association of Finnish Film Directors (SELO) became a registered association in 1986. The aim of SELO is to act as a national tie-up amongst Finnish film directors and to improve both tangible and intangible conditions for the work of directors, to promote the Finnish cinema, and to oversee the professional interests of its members and guard against copyright infringements.

SELO organizes seminars and training dealing with the substance of the film director's work.

SELO is a member of FERA (European Film Directors' Association) and Kopiosto, a joint copyright organization of authors, publishers and performing artists.


To be considered for membership in the association a candidate is required to be a director of recognised artistic and professional merit. Membership applications can be addressed to the board and must include a curriculum vitae and a detailed filmography. From May 2002 onwards film students at the ELO Film School Helsinki, Aalto University, may apply for a special student membership.